Guitar Note Accelerator

Guitar Note Accelerator

“Seven powerful projects to accelerate your note learning progress…”

This 62-page bonus e-book contains lots of useful information and ideas to help you gain a greater mastery over the notes on the fretboard…

You’ll learn to see patterns that will help you to visualize note locations much more clearly.

You’ll learn about note shapes. These powerful tools allow you to easily visualize a note over the entire fretboard.

You’ll learn how you can take ANY chord that you know and create dozens (if not hundreds!) of variations. Imagine how this could help your composing! You’ll no longer be stuck playing the same boring chords that everyone else uses 🙂

You’ll gain a complete understanding of THE most important scale to learn for music theory.

Plus much more!

Visit Web Site: Guitar Note Accelerator


Guitar Note Accelerator
Guitar Note Accelerator

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