Guitar Tutor Pro

Guitar Tutor Pro

  • Discover how to read music notation and tablature with the help of ‘The Guitarist’s Guide To Reading Music Notation’.
  • Learn all the core guitar playing essentials such as, hammer ons, pull offs, palm muting, string deadening, slides, a variety of bends, and lots more!
  • Learn hundreds of open chords and barre chords with the aid of my revolutionary software, ‘Guitar Chords Pro’!
  • Master the art of fingerpicking, as well as playing with a pick. Plus a neat little trick that allows you to combine the two!
  • Understand the theory behind ‘Modes’ and how to use them effectively in your songwriting and soloing.
  • Discover a variety of scales including, Major, Minor, and Pentatonic. You will have true freedom to play all over the fretboard!
  • Learn all about the building blocks of chords called ‘Intervals’. After doing so you will have the knowledge to create every chord imaginable!
  • Discover all the fundamentals of ‘Harmonics’, and some very unique techniques that will give your guitar playing a very original sound!
  • You will learn advanced rhythm playing, such as comping and bosa nova rhythms.
  • Learn the true art of strumming like a professional… They’ll call you the ‘Strumming Wonder’ when I’m finished with you!
  • Learn a variety of ‘open tunings’, along with some amazing exercises that will take your guitar playing through the roof.

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Guitar Tutor Pro
Guitar Tutor Pro

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